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About CU Adventures

Prepare for Adventure


You have one hour to save the world.

Champaign-Urbana Adventures in Time and Space is a real-life “escape room” game for friends, family, and coworkers!

Teams of 2-10 players have 60 minutes to find clues, complete puzzles, discover secret doors, and solve a greater mystery.

Each game takes place in a different themed setting and time period. From dispelling evil spirits in a haunted cabin to foiling the plot of a supervillain, the scenarios are designed to make players feel like they are living out a movie or playing a game show!

We currently have five adventures: THE LOST TEMPLE, THE CABIN, CALLING ALL HEROES, SWORD OF THE DRAGON, and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Each features a different set of challenges and players must use observation, communication, and critical thinking to win.

Escape room adventures make for a great night out, a unique birthday or bachelor/bachelorette party, or an exciting twist on corporate team building.

Tickets cost $25 per person, or $20 per person for students. Book now!

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Book Adventures


The Lost Temple

Your professor is missing and there are rumors of an ancient temple hidden beneath campus. Find the temple and save the world!

(NOTE: the setting of this game is the same as OFFICE HOURS, but with new puzzles and a challenge mode to win t-shirts!)


Calling All Heroes

Your team of superheroes must find and stop an evil supervillain! This comic book inspired game isn’t just for kids. Can you SAVE THE CITY before time runs out?


Sword of the Dragon

An ancient dragon is loose and you have been sent on a quest to find the magical sword needed to defeat it. Find the sword and save the kingdom!


The Cabin

You run out of gas in the middle of the woods. Luckily, there’s a cabin nearby – but inside, you find something you didn’t expect… (Recommended age 13+)

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

You and your team must infiltrate a hi-tech facility to stop a rogue computer from starting thermonuclear war. Stop the evil AI and save the future!

Large Group Events


Escape room adventures make for great leadership training or teambuilding activities! We offer discounted group rates and have a capacity of 35 players per hour.Contact us for more information.




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It was thrilling to feel fully immersed in the puzzles and working with a team to solve them.
Pat East
The game is an immersive experience with amazing attention to detail. There are fun, brilliant surprises and novel puzzles everywhere you turn.
Scott Green
The puzzles were approachable, the production design was incredible, and we were thrilled to (just barely) beat the clock and save the world! What a cool experience to have right at home in Urbana.
AJ Christensen