Scrooge's Christmas Trap

Ebenezer Scrooge has kidnapped Santa, and the elves need your help. Players must puzzle their way through a series of holiday challenges to rescue Santa! Can you SAVE CHRISTMAS? 

2-8 Players
A brand new holiday adventure!


Located in downtown Urbana, Illinois, our escape rooms make for a great night out, a unique birthday or bachelor/bachelorette party, or an exciting twist on corporate team building. Teams of 2-10 players have 60 minutes to find clues, complete puzzles, discover secret doors, and solve a greater mystery.

Each of our adventures takes place in a different setting and time period. From dispelling evil spirits in a haunted cabin to foiling the plot of a tyrannical wizard, the scenarios are designed to make players feel like they are living out a movie!

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Your weekly game night turns into an epic fantasy adventure as you're sucked into the game and find yourself inside a magical kingdom! Can you defeat the dragon and return home a hero?
4-8 Players
Limited engagement fantasy adventure!
Grab your super-suit and prepare for action in this superhero themed adventure! Featuring secret passages, death traps, and 2/3 of a Volkswagen, this is our largest adventure yet!
4-10 Players
An action-packed superhero escape room!
An evil wizard has cast dark magic across the kingdom. You snuck into his inner sanctum and have one hour to stop him. Can you dispel THE WIZARD’S CURSE and save the realm?
2-6 Players
A magical fantasy escape room!
Sharpen your favorite axe and take on evil spirits in a haunted cabin! The sequel to our most popular game in a new setting with all-new challenges!
2-8 Players
Recommended age 13+
Ebenezer Scrooge has kidnapped Santa Claus, and the elves need your help to rescue him. Can you SAVE CHRISTMAS?
2-8 Players
A brand new holiday adventure!

Save the World


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"This IS the best escape room in Illinois, period. Its so well done, good story, great props, and worth the time and money. "

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Escape room adventures make for great leadership training or teambuilding activities! Contact us for more information.

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