We currently have four adventures, and each features a different set of challenges! Players must use observation, communication, and critical thinking to win. We are in the middle of a big renovation, so our list of available escape rooms is always changing. Click BOOK NOW to see available game times!

An evil wizard has cast dark magic across the kingdom. You snuck into his inner sanctum and have one hour to stop him. Can you dispel THE WIZARD’S CURSE and save the realm?
2-6 Players
A magical fantasy escape room!
Sharpen your favorite axe and take on evil spirits in a haunted cabin! The sequel to our most popular game in a new setting with all-new challenges!
2-8 Players
Recommended age 13+
Your professor is missing and there are rumors of an ancient temple hidden beneath campus. Can you find the temple and save the world?
2-8 Players
A supernatural detective escape room!
Grab your super-suit and prepare for action in this superhero themed adventure! Featuring secret passages, death traps, and 2/3 of a Volkswagen, this is our largest adventure yet!
4-10 Players
Our newest escape room!