Tickets prices are tiered based on the number of players in your party. For groups of 4, tickets are $30 per person; for 5-7, tickets are $25 per person; for 8, $20 per person. All games are private, so you will not be playing with anyone but your group.

Please note: This game originally ran as "Into the Dragon's Lair" at Gen Con Indy 2019, but has never before been seen in Champaign-Urbana! Teams are required to be split up into two groups for part of the adventure and will need to interact with in-character actors to complete their quest.

If you don’t see an available time, call us at (217) 898-7158. We often have some games available, but the most popular times are usually reserved days and even weeks in advance. To view future dates in the calendar, click “Pick Date.”

A minimum of 4 players is required for this adventure.

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